Señor Pancho's Thomaston

A little Tex - A lot of Mex


Guadalupe Jiménez - Owner & Manager

This story starts in 1986. Guadalupe Jimenez embarked on his journey, like countless before him, in pursuit of the American Dream.

What he would come to realize is that all his experiences would be his inspiration and his future career focus.

Being the oldest of seven children, his beginnings were in Netzahualcoyotl, a large borough of Mexico City. Following in his father Virginio’s footsteps as a schoolteacher and graduating with a degree in teaching from Manuel Altamirano in Mexico City. His father Virginio, from Oaxaca, and mother Belen, from Veracruz, instilled in Guadalupe an excellent work ethic with a focus and dedication to family values.
With his wife Mari, who has a fabulous talent for cooking, and successful daughters, Rubi and Esmeralda, Guadalupe got his start in Manhattan NYC on 5th Avenue working in busy Deli’s. This path would soon lead to neighboring Connecticut.

In Connecticut, Guadalupe had a few mentors, one of the first would be Johnny Matos who owned Pancho’s and Gringo’s restaurant in Brookfield, Connecticut. Johnny invited Guadalupe to work and share his experiences and training in the hospitality and food service industry. Guadalupe saw how rewarding it is to share his culture and was inspired to continue sharing his Mexican heritage in the best way he knew how: Food.
What better way to bring people together than through happy atmosphere with delicious meal and drink?
Along the way he met Andy Adames, who also ran restaurants in Prospect and Southbury, Connecticut. With the help of the Adames family, they also saw the motivational spark in Guadalupe, and inspired him to pursue his talents.

After spending over seven years in Los Angeles with his family, the West Coast fueled the diverse culinary experiences, added motivation, and inspiration as an entrepreneur. Guadalupe has decided to return to Connecticut and the rest is history.

Guadalupe is now a proud American, always remembering his roots, who now lives locally in town with his family. It brings Guadalupe and his family great pride to now share their experiences and culture with the community. They look forward to sharing authentic Mexican cuisine, with special family recipes, and would love to hear from you! Guadalupe always encourages contact with his customers and amigos.
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